This machine comes in both 4 yard and 9 yard models. Features foot controls and timer mechanisms for ease of operation and consistent filling ability. And inexpensive idea for retail garden centers. Bag the potting soil and sell on site. Custom bagging potential is variable so soil chutes are custom made to fill each ones individual needs. Interchangeable for different bagging sizes. Can be purchased with optional bar and/or casters for mobility.We custom build baggers to customer specifications.

YJ1 With Auger Bagger

YJ1 Soil BaggerThe YJ1 and YJ2  horizontal  batch mixers use spiral agitation to give  a thorough mix in 3 to 4 minutes. They can be used with an auger for lifting the soil media to a potting table, filling large pots, loading  a  flat filler, loading a potting machine or for soil bagging. They can be fitted with a foot control,  tow package or casters for ease of operation.  Both can be either single or 3 phase as long as you have 220/230  electricity. Designed for soil fewer mixes with no more than 10% sand. Both mixers have provided decades of use for many growers. The bottoms bolt in for ease of replacement. However, they have proved truly to be reliable with years of low maintenance service.

Bulk Bagging System 


10-foot bag conveyor for feeding a hot air sealer 

variable speed 120-volt single phase

Icm-4 yard soil mixer /bagger with feed conveyor and a CMS 101 Mc T hot air sealer.