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ICM 4 Incline Soil Mixer

The Ellis Products ICM4 is designed to be a high production machine for mixing nearly all types of soil. For example, the ICM4 can mix a batch in 2-4 minutes, discharging in 90 seconds. It is faster than a spiral mixer and more compact than continuous soil mix systems. The ICM4 has a rear door for hand loading bag materials or peat moss bails. With the back door closed you can use a front end loader to fill the machine with bulk materials.

The all new design of the ICM4 was changed in 2010!

The machine now offers SUPER heavy duty construction. The sides of the machine are now made of 3/16″ plate, the top rear shaft is easily accessible for change out, and easy floor removal for replacement after years and years of ownership!

This new design of the ICM4 Soil Mixer just adds to the well deserved heavy duty “tank” reputation it has gotten over the years of production.

This is a horticultural media mixer designed to mix no more than 28 lbs per cubic foot.


  • Soil Chute.

  • Soil bagger sealer attachment.

  • Foot Controls and timers.

  • Tongue and Axle tow package.

  • Caster Wheels.

  • Water bar.

  • Soil bagging conveyors.

ICM 4 Incline Soil Mixer

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