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EZ Potter Pro Plus

Potting Machine Ellis Products EZ Potter Pro Plus 

USPTO patent number 8,590,583


The Easy Potter Pro Plus potting machine is basically the same type of potting machine as the Easy Potter. This potting machine has been lengthened to accommodate a 4 cubic yard hopper. The customer has the choice of a rotary sweep brush or a horizontal style brush. It is called the Pro because of the brush and the Plus because of the hopper made on the machine. The length is 13 ½ foot with the tongue and the height is 78 inches. The hoper is 8 foot across the back and 8 foot in length. The tongue and axel are really great for customers who want portability, potting in multiple locations. Potting on this potting machine can be done directly in the field on the optional potting conveyor. Both the steel conveyor and the aluminum Easyveyor can be used. It has a 7000 pound heavy duty jack on the tongue. This is a revolutionary design in the industry offering the features of a pot filling only mode , a flat and tray filler and being able to fill and drill pots. This potting machine is very quiet and smooth in operation. The maintenance issues of old style potting machines have been eliminated. It is very fast on 1 gallon – 7 gallon and will even fill up to 10 gallon pots and drill up to an 8 inch hole. We can manufacture custom orders to even fill up to 20 gallon pots .The soil elevator chain is easy to replace because of simple design. So give us a call and we will be able to answer any questions you may have. 1-251-649-6466.

EZ Potter Pro Plus


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