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Coir Buster 1

Here at Mitchell Ellis Products, we have developed a machine that will break compressed coir bricks, bales or slabs apart. Some refer to this product as coconut coir, coir pith, or coco peat. It has been successfully used with compression rates of 4 to 1 all the way up to 10 to 1 ratios.

The process is gentle and simply rubs the coir apart in a dry state. Water is added on the exit of the machine through water bars in the auger. Many growers have recognized that coir can be used as an amendment or even as a whole growing media. Coir has been around for some time but it has previously been a problem to break apart with-out damage to the fibers. Some people have tried shredders but the damage is to great .

Our Coirbuster 1 machine will process a metric ton of coir in about 40 minutes depending on screen size, and is most commonly used for smaller growers. The Coirbuster industrial machine will process a metric ton in about 12 minutes, Approximately 80 cubic yards per hour so the production time makes it a must for commercial soil companies.

The machine works best when the body is full and an infeed conveyor can be used to keep the Coir Buster at maximum output. We can make an incline conveyor to stock pile your processed coir or even feed into a hopper or potting system. We can build an automatic loading unit so that a complete pallet can be fed into the Coir Buster , this will greatly reduce labor and ultimately save you money.

Note decompression rates may vary depending on moisture content, block size and compression rates.

  • Single phase 230 volt 7 1/2 hp draws 40 amps
  • Three phase 230 volt 7 1/2 hp draws 22 amps.


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