Super Flat Filler


BG-RemovalThis is the new redesigned Super Flat Filler brought to you by Mitchell Ellis Products!
Mitchell Ellis Products has redesigned their Flat Filler to make it into an easy to use and easy to work on machine.  With a slick design and heavy duty construction, you will be filling flats and pots for a long long time!  Available for green house soil mixes with a 2 H.P. soil motor and for nursery bark mixes with a 3 H.P. soil motor.
The machine will handle flat all the way up to pots that are 16″ tall!  With easy to operate adjustable 3/4″ solid square stock rails, you can change over from flats to pots in seconds.
Options are:
1. Soil Rotary Sweeper
2. Tow Package
3. Drill (for those who want to drill holes in pots)
4. V Guided Conveyor Belt

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