EZ Potter Bare Root and drill Potting System

Now you can pot bare root material, fill pots only, or fill and drill pots. You can fill almost any size container that will fit on the machine. This is a simple system that yields high volume. Its simple design along with the Patented Ez Potter drill is a winner. Potting 1 gallon – 20-gallon pots is not a problem. The spilled soil is simply returned to the hopper with the return conveyors with a minimum amount of wear. V-guided conveyor belts on UHMW bottoms will last for years to come. A highly efficient machine made to work in a fixed location.  Capable of drilling up to 2-gallon holes on this standard model. Optional 3 and 5-gallon drill bits setups are available on request.

Ez Potter Bare Root Potting System

Ez Potter Bare Root Potting System













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Soil and chemical mix system with inline bare root potting machine

Soil Mix System with Inline Bare Root Potting System