Mobile Coirbuster 1

Mobile-Coirbuster-1Mobile Coirbuster 1 is a machine mounted on a tandem axle trailer with 6000 lb axles for a total payload of 12 000 lbs. The Coirbuster 1 breaks up compressed coir bricks .The process is gentle and simply rubs the coir apart in a dry state. Water is added on the exit of the machine through water bars in the auger. Many growers have recognized that coir can be used as an amendment or even as a whole growing media. This machine is most commonly used for smaller growers. This machine will greatly reduce labor and ultimately save you money.


  • Process up to 2 metric tons per hour
  • Save Water
  • Save Labor
  • Portability – Operate machine at different sites without having to unload the machine


Single phase 230 volt 7 1/2 hp draws 40 amps

Three phase 230 volt 7 1/2 hp draws 22 amps.


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