Coir Buster


Coir Buster Range

Mitchell Ellis Products holds a United States Patent (5,839,674) for a device to break apart compressed blocks of coconut coir. The machine is a one of a kind and if only to be found at Mitchell Ellis Products. We offer this machine in 4 different models:
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Note decompression rates may vary depending on moisture content block size and compression rates.

Increase Your Nursery’s Profits
3 Costly Mistakes
  • Not Having a Simple Cost Effective Coir Mc
  • Inconsistent Coir medium
  • Coir fiber breakdown

Our Coir Buster Machines Line Up


Coir Buster Limited


Coir Buster 1

Coir Buster Industrial


Coir Buster 1 & Feeder


Mobile Coir Buster 1


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