EZ Potter Potting Machines

Revolutionary EZ Potter Potting Machine

USPTO patent number 8,590,583


EZ Potter

EZ Potting Machine

___Many Potting Machines prior to the EZ Potter potting machine were designed in such a way that required much mechanical linkage. The struggle with all the different size potholders and the setup time between sizes sometimes was overbearing when in a rush during the potting season. Soil elevators, in feed conveyors and mechanical pot tracks usually require someone mechanically inclined to keep Potting Machines running at peak performance. With years of experience Sean Ellis of Mitchell Ellis Products has developed a truly revolutionary new patented design in the marketplace. A first in the field of automation that is simple to use and has an easy maintenance agenda. A simple conveyor that has a v-guide is used to feed the pots below the soil flow. It has one guide rail on each side that slide in or out to fit pot sizes.
___The pots can be placed on the in feed belt with any distance between the pots , they are then filled with soil and a sensor detects the pot and the drill is activated. Most Potting Machines use a traditional scraper that adjust above the pot after filling, however the EZ Potter uses a rotary sweep that adjust to the customer needs. Both the in feed pot conveyor belt and the drill are controlled with servo motors and are linked in a program that perform remarkably well. The drill can be centered and the depth can be adjusted with the simple touch of a button , no more wrenches to do the task. The EZ Potter is very quiet , smooth and smaller in comparison to previous machines in the industry. It easily satisfies the customers potting needs in size and speed from 1 gallon to 7 gallon. (We can even custom build custom machines to pot up to 25 gallon sizes). It also can accommodate a flat filling brush and can be used in a pot filling only mode where the drill is not activated. So horticultural automation at its best ,being able to fill pots, drill pots, fill flats and other odd shaped containers makes the EZ Potter a winner in the industry, truly revolutionary, and innovative for today’s competitive market

Machine Specs:

  • Length 9 feet
  • Width 7 ½ feet
  • Height 6 1/2 feet
  • Weight 2300 pounds
  • 220 volt single phase
  • Total amp draw 17
  • Pots 1- 7 gallon
  • Inline potting no pot holders
  • Drill up to 8 inch hole
  • Adjustable stroke
  • Adjust drill depth while in motion
  • Rotary sweep



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