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EZ Potter Pro

EZ Potter Pro Potting Machine
USPTO patent number 8,590,583

The  E Z  POTTER  PRO Potting Machine  is really a good investment for your nursery or greenhouse operation. How is this true? The machine really does the job of four machines.

1. It’s a pot filler for high volume

2. It’s a pot filler that drills holes for liners

3. It’s a flat and tray filler

4. Removing the bolt on drill it can be used as a dibbler mechanism

EZ Potter Pro Potting Machine

The only machine of this type and reasonably priced. It is smaller in comparison to other machines but do not let this mislead you.  It is very fast, quiet and reliable. Servo motors power the drill mechanism as well as the indexing conveyor belt. Linked together eliminating the need for mechanical push arms, cams and pot holders. Dual soil returns in the conveyor belt to cut down on soil spillage.  For maxim performance it is usually best to use a 4 or 9 cubit yard incline hopper, however when the soil supply is fed from overhead we can enlarge the receiving hopper on the EZ Potter PRO itself. It is user friendly and can be learned in 20 -30 minutes. Now a simple solution and a low maintenance machine. The pay back time can be relatively short if you have the volume because the EZ Potter PRO can get the job done. Give us a call and we will be glad to answer any questions.


Accumulator Table

Available in 48 and 60-inch options


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