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Mitchell Ellis line of Potting MAchinesSince 1977 Mitchell Ellis has been providing machinery specially developed for the nursery and greenhouse market. Our corporation has grown tremendously over the years while focusing on  horticulture. We manufacture a line of soil mixers, continuous soil mixing lines, flat , tray  and pot fillers, potting machines, and soil and plant moving conveyors . We also sell shipping carts , tracking wagons and dollies. We have developed many machines that have now become an industry standard , providing years of reliable service. The ICM-4  is a 4 cubic yard batch mixer that has been in service since the 1980s. The Bulkmaster Receiving hopper , widespread in use as a major labor saver for unloading bulk soils from tractor trailers. Now the EZ Potter , the first inline potting machine on the market that is servo controlled that provides smooth operation, high volume, low maintenance and reliable service. And always the Yj1 and the Yj2 soil mixers with spiral agitation. We invite you to look around our website so that you might see our full line of products. Our primary interest is to help the nursery and greenhouse industry save money with our labor saving machines. Only then can we be successful and continue to grow. With both our resources here in the USA and abroad, we look forward to doing business with you.


Mitchell Ellis

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